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  • Symbian 6 Series 9200
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Versions of Best CalcMachine

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Best CalcMachine for UIQ 1.00 05/05/06 Trial version English
  • Symbian 6 Series 9200

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Powerful combination calaculation application for UIQ phones

Softonic Editorial Team

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Best CalcMachine contains basic and scientific calculators, a unit converter with more than 1100 units and a currency converter with online updatable rates. An all-in-one, powerful but easy-to-use application.

Basic Calculator

  • Large 12-digits display with very large and clear distinguishable numbers

  • Large buttons enough for your fingers

  • Arithmetic operations, square root, calculate using percentages, memory operations, 'call last result' button

Scientific calculator

  • 24-digit display with lots of graphic indicators

  • Precedence mode - to reduce entering parenthesis (e.g. 2+2*2=6)

  • Operations and conversions can be performed in binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal form

  • Calculate basic arithmetic functions

  • Calculate using percentages

  • Calculate the root, square root or cube root of a number

  • Raise to power functions

  • Logarithmic and exponent functions

  • Calculate sine, cosine, tangent, arc sine, arc cosine or arc tangent

  • Calculate in degrees, radians or grads, mil, rev

  • Displays results in normal, scientific, or fix mode

  • Memory operations

  • 'Call last result' button

  • Operations with big and small numbers are supported (up to ten in 308th power or ten in minus 308th power)

Unit converter

  • 1130 units in 67 categories

  • Great looking and eye appealing design

  • Built-in intuitive keyboard. No need to access to menus or pop-up keyboard

  • Results are calculated automatically when you type a number

  • Clear all and delete buttons

  • Ability to swap units

  • One click for Category and Unit From/To change

  • Ability to sort units and categories when selecting

Currency converter

  • 1130 units in 67 categories

  • Currency converter with rates updated from European Cental Bank

  • Keypad pane

  • Results are calculated automatically when you type a number

  • Ability to swap units

  • Fast units selection

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